Gems From Warren Buffett

Wit and Wisdom from 34 Years of Letters to Shareholders

a lifetime of warren buffett's wit and wisdom in 122 pages

This book, coming soon in print and eBook format, is not another investment tutorial or biography on Warren Buffett. Instead, it's a collection of 240 of his wittiest and most insightful thoughts ("gems"), culled from 34 years of his letters to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders.

front cover image gems from warren buffet by mark gavagan
"Big opportunities come infrequently. When it's raining gold, reach for a bucket, not a thimble"spacing
"Were I to die tomorrow, … Berkshire's earnings would increase by $1 million annually, since Charlie would immediately sell our corporate jet, The Indefensible (ignoring my wish that it be buried with me)"
"Noble intentions should be checked periodically against results"
"We've never succeeded in making a good deal with a bad person"

These gems lighten spirits with their humor, enlighten minds with their wisdom, and provide an interesting view into one of America's most successful CEOs.

Reviews / In the Media

Library Journal
"A fun roundup of the investment maven's lighter moments..."
-Sarah Statz Cords (Library Journal)
book kvetch
"Gavagan snips Warren Buffett's clever insights, hilarious asides and aaargh-inspiring one-liners"
-Rebecca Aguilar (Book Kvetch)
book kvetch
"Seldom do you come across a collection that has powerful, meaningful quotes that stick with you. Buffet's presence has always been a strong one, and this collection reflects him and his philosophy very nicely. I look forward to recommending this book to my students and patrons. "
-Amy Adams (J. Ardis Bell Library)
book kvetch
"This book had me laughing every page or so. Mr. Buffett is clearly a man with a great, sarcastic sense of humor, which appeals to me immensely. Beyond entertainment value, though, this book has plenty of sensible business advice that will be useful even to those who aren't entrepreneurs at heart. "
-Mai (Second Bookshelf on the Right)

With Warren Buffett's Permission

All quotes in the book are copyrighted by Warren Buffett and used with his permission.

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