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Author's Bio

(The term "author" is used loosely here, since most words in this book are Warren Buffett's and used with his permission.)

Mark Gavagan graduated from Utica College in upstate New York with a B.S. degree in Business-Economics.

He spent several years in corporate America, leaving in 1997 to become a professional day trader during the dot-com boom and bust. While trading was lucrative and exciting, it contrasts sharply with Warren Buffett's "buy and hold forever" philosophy.

Mark left trading in 2003 to strike out on his own as an entrepreneur. His father died shortly thereafter, prompting him to create two workbooks for helping families get their affairs in order (

Mark also works with the global travel television program "Rudy Maxa's World" ( in distribution/ business development and operates ExplainIt Studios (, which creates videos for business websites, along with speech and presentation consulting.

Mark has written several screenplays and is gaining experience in standup comedy in New York City and New Jersey (partly because it's one of the most difficult yet effective places to learn about humor and communication).

Mark is an avid soccer player, as well as an advanced speaker at Toastmaster's International.

He's married to his lovely wife Kimberly. They live in Mendham, New Jersey with their two daughters, Audrey and Sophie.

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Brief Description of the book

A lifetime of Warren Buffett's wit and wisdom in 122 pages.

This book isn't another investment tutorial or biography on Warren Buffett. Instead, it's a collection of 240 of his wittiest and most insightful thoughts ("gems"), culled from 34 years of his letters to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders.

These gems lighten spirits with their humor, enlighten minds with their wisdom, and provide an interesting view into one of America's most successful CEOs.

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