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20 percent of sales go to charity

The math is simple: 20% of sales of the "Gems from Warren Buffett" book are donated to the charity.

"Sales" means the total price customers pay for the book, not including delivery or sales tax, if applicable. No other fees, charges, deductions, expenses or overhead apply - gets 20% of the whole enchilada, with no "fuzzy math."

"Sales" is a transparent and easily-audited* figure, so everyone can be certain the charitable commitment is fulfilled.

*We have nothing to hide, so we welcome periodic audits of these figures by media (including established bloggers), watchdog groups, and other interested parties, provided your honest findings are published on your website with a link back to this website.

We're located a bit outside New York City, in beautiful Mendham, NJ. Contact us to learn more and schedule a mutually convenient time to conduct your audit.